What Makes Candidate Talent So Unique?

There are other sites out there offering test practice services but the reason CandidateTalent is unique is because only we offer full comprehensive tests for free, not just a handful of sample questions.

Not only that, but we provide full answers for each and every one of our questions. This helps you understand why a particular answer was incorrect, not simply that it was incorrect. With that information, you are in a better position to pass the real thing when you sit your formal psychometric tests; giving you a better chance of landing that dream job and kick-start your career.

Areas We Cover

We provide English-speaking students and graduates based both in the UK and internationally, free practice Numerical Ability, Verbal Reasoning and Deductive Reasoning tests.

Our Expert Team

Fran Cousans
Fran Cousans

Fran Cousans a skilled Organisational Psychologist who has many years’ worth of experience working on the design and writing of assessment tests for some of the largest companies in the world.

J.J. Rathour
J.J. Rathour

J.J. Rathour is an experienced and passionate technologist. His focus is on early careers and graduates. He is particularly interested in improving the outcomes for individuals who want to enter the workforce.

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