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Deductive Reasoning Tests measure the test taker’s ability to draw logical conclusions based on information provided, identify the strengths and weaknesses of an argument, and complete scenarios using incomplete information.

Tasks include reading statements, looking at tables of data and so on to determine which of the response options make logical sense.

These are typically multiple choice questions, with up to 5 options to choose from as the correct answer. They are timed – usually 20 minutes long – and you will have around 18 questions to answer.


Example question

The bakery made 600 doughnuts last month. The month before the bakery made 450 doughnuts, so employing another baker helped improve the bakery’s productivity.

Which assumption underlies the above statement?

A. The bakery always makes 450 doughnuts a month.
B. Adding more employees always increases productivity.
C. The bakery will make 700 doughnuts next month.
D. Having too few staff impacts on the quality of the doughnuts.
E. The bakery is more competitive now.


B. Adding more employees always increases productivity.


The statement is deducing that because another baker was employed, more doughnuts were made which was a reflection of increased productivity – Therefore, B is the correct answer. Although other response such as D may be logically likely, this is not what the statement is assuming.

Tips for taking this test

  • Practise using logic to solve problems – you’re being tested on how well you can make fair assumptions on the basis of limited information.
  • Keep practising test content to get used to the different styles of questions asked and the type of information that you’ll be presented with in live testing conditions. In particular, familiarise yourself with sequences, text-based problems and tables of information.
  • Make sure that you spread your time as equally as possible across all the questions in the test – if you’re stuck move onto the next question and revisit it at the end if you have time.

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