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Numerical Ability Tests measure the test taker’s ability to work with numbers and use appropriate mathematics in different situations are designed to assess your aptitude for applying and interpreting mathematical concepts.

Numerical Ability Tests require candidates to solve word problems, perform numerical calculations, and interpret data in tables and graphs. 

They are typically multiple choice questions, with up to 5 possible answers for you to choose from. They are timed – usually about 20 to 25 minutes long – and you will have around 15-18 questions to answer.

Example question

A motorbike dealership buys 10 motorbikes from the manufacturer each month at a cost of $2,600 each, and sells them all at 34% markup. The total cost of running the business including purchases for the dealership each month is $29,345.

What is the total profit of the dealership each month?

A. $4,955
B. $6,435
C. $3,287
D. $7,236
E. $5,495


E. $5,495


The total sales revenue is ($2,600 x 10) x 1.34 = $34,840. Minus $29,345 from this figure leaves $14,990 profit. 

Tips for taking this test

  • Refresh your memory of mathematical priciples – most commonly tested are fractions, rations, multiplication and division.
  • Keep practising test content to get used to the different styles of questions asked and the type of information that you’ll be presented with in live testing conditions. In particular, familiarise yourself with reading and interpreting graphs and tables, and how to work out profit(Revenue/Income minus expenses).

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