5 reasons why employers test you

While we are all familiar with the interview process, ability testing is taking off in the field of recruitment. Though there are debates around the value of these tests, it seems that they are on their way to be a norm in the recruitment process. Here are some reasons why employers use these tests and why they can be an asset to you instead of a hindrance. 

1. To see your full potential 

They want to see what you can do and what you could be able to do in the future. Even though you might not have the best CV in the world and you did have that gap in your experience, an employer wants to find the best candidate for their role and for their company in time to come. Ability tests can show that you have the skills needed to be a valued employee. 

2. To keep it fair

Some people are amazing at interviews, full of charisma and know-how to wow an employer. Others can find the whole experience to be stressful or may just be having an off day. Either way, ability tests are a standardised approach to narrowing the field of candidates on a level playing field. This also takes bias out of the process to ensure that candidates are hired because purely based on their abilities. 

3. To value skills as well as education

Though an Ox-bridge education is a definite plus on a CV, employers want to know that you have the skills and abilities required for their position. Though you might not have gone to uni or didn’t get the grades that you were hoping for, ability tests show that you have the skills for the job regardless of your education.  

4. To reduce their workload

Recruiters might receive hundreds of applications for a job post, and sifting through applications and conducting interviews is a time-consuming and expensive process. Ability tests can reduce the pool of applicants to those that have the skills to fulfil their needs. 

5. They can be use at any stage of the recruitment process

Ability tests can be used before you go to an interview, after the main interview and to find the exceptional applicant from the final pool of candidates. This means that an employer can double-check that they are spending their time and resources on the right candidate for them. 

Ability testing may sound daunting with their increasing use by employers. It is, therefore, likely that you will encounter them throughout your career, but you shouldn’t let this worry you. There are many ways to boost your performance and ensure that you impress your employer at every stage of the recruitment process.

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