Get a graduate job despite your maths

We understand that maths isn’t everyone’s cup of tea for graduate job. For some people, it is even the stuff of nightmares. However, while you might not be the next Einstein or Pythagoras, don’t let this stop you from getting the graduate job of your dreams. Here’s some ways to get through the maths ability test and move on with your life. 

Seek out as many types of learning materials as possible. 

Though you may have thrown out all your maths books from your school years, there are many online resources to help you improve and refresh your knowledge of maths. Sites like YouTube and Khan Academy contain tutorials and resources that break down complicated mathematical procedures into friendly and approachable chunks. 

Practice makes perfect!

Find out what topics will be covered in the assessment and look for online practice tests. Pay attention to the questions that you got wrong and focus your efforts on improving in those fields. While it is tempting to focus on what you’re comfortable with, it will be more efficient in the long run to dedicate your time to what you don’t understand. 

Learn how to use rough paper.

While you’re completing your test, you may only have a few minutes to spend on each question. Learn how to work out answers without writing out every minor detail and just record the information that you need to move onto the next step. Rough paper will be your best friend when you’re doing maths tests – learn how to make the most of it!

Stick to the time!

Though it may be tempting to allow yourself all the time in the world when you’re doing practice tests, this will make it harder for you to work in test conditions. Research has shown that being in the same room, listening to the same music or even chewing gum while you’re studying and taking the test improves your recall, so try to study in the same conditions as your test as much as possible. 

Read the questions

Make sure that you understand what you’re being asked to do. Pay attention to if they want the answers in kilometres or metres, miles, yards or feet, whole numbers or decimals, etc. Don’t let yourself lose marks because of a misunderstanding! 

Bring your favourite calculator

Though we don’t imagine that you have a calculator that you can’t live without (but no judgement if you do, you do you!), your phone just won’t do! Many testing centres for graduate job will not allow to your phone, so it’s time to brush up on your calculator skills. Make sure that you are familiar with the functions of your calculator, that you don’t have to press hard on the buttons to get them to work, and that it is generally usable. This will ensure that you don’t waste your precious time struggling with your tools and can just focus on the questions. 

Don’t stress out

Many of us are prime to believe that we are bad at Maths and therefore get anxious at the mere mention of it. However, if we are put in the right conditions and prepare effectively, it is possible to overcome this and get a better mark than you would have thought possible. Don’t let yourself be your biggest barrier to getting the graduate job that you want!

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