Why your next boss wants to test you

You spruced up your CV, and wrote a brilliant cover letter. Job seeker struck the perfect balance between “I’m the most amazing person ever” while not coming across as big-headed. You apply for the job that you’ve wanted your whole life. You wait for a couple of days, and then finally you get an email from their hiring department, inviting you… to take an ability test? You might be wondering why employers are interest in your verbal reasoning or maths skills when you have the experience and the know-how for the job and wasn’t one of the bonuses of finishing school not having to do tests anymore? 

We’ve created this guide to explain why your boss thinks that an ability test will help them to learn more about you as a person, and not just to stress you out. 

They want to understand how competent and skilled you really are.

Maybe you’re one of the lucky people who do really well in interviews, but some people just aren’t. Nerves on the day, surprise questions that you haven’t prepared for or a million other small things might throw you off and lead to a poorer performance in an interview. An ability test allows the employer to see your skills and aptitudes outside of a stressful environment.

It’s cheaper and more efficient

Though this is your dream job, it might also be the dream job of hundreds of other candidates. Ability tests allow the hiring manager to narrow down the applicant pool without spending days and days reviewing applications and sitting in interviews.

To ensure that the recruitment process is standard across the board

While you may have beautiful references from your previous employers that thought you were the best employee that they ever had, the skills that are valued by other workplaces might not be the ones that will allow you to progress in this work environment. By having all candidates complete the same tests, your employer can ensure that you have the flair to achieve. 

To ensure that this is the job for you

It may be a disappointment if you do not get the job because of a poor test score, but your employer may be doing you a huge favour. It may have seemed like the perfect position for you, but the company and their goals may not have meshed well with you and your skills. This test may have saved you from a job that would have left you feeling like you were under performing, or a work environment that you may not have fit in with. 

While you might be getting frustrate with the number of tests and feel like you don’t have the skills, the more tests that you do, the more confident you will become. Testing is a skill, and with practice, you can get the job that suits you and your employer – it just takes time.

Stay prepared for leading employers

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